Pictures from the Falkland Islands


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Jeff and Carrie arrive at the Falkland Islands.  Upon arrival we take local transportation and 4x4s out to see a Rockhopper Penguin colony which is on a 150 foot cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  The little guy pictured above is leaning into a 40-50 mph wind in order not to be blown off the cliff.


After about an hour we arrive at the remote colony.

Here's a video of the Rockhopper colony:   Rockhopper Video

After the visit we headed back to Port Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands.  We took in the local sights including the war memorial from the 1982 war.  British pride was clearly on display in a local pub where we had lunch.  Fish and chips, of course.



After our visit to Port Stanley we board the tenders and head back to the ship.  The winds had picked up significantly and the ride was very rough.


From Port Stanley it is off to the Drake Passage and over to Antarctica.


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