Pictures of our basement crawlspace repair


Before                                                                                        After

When we moved into our new house in 2013 we found stair step cracks in the Florida Room crawlspace foundation and the walls were bowing inward, especially the west wall.  Over the next 5 years the problem slowly got worse and we decided it was time to fix it permanently.  After speaking to a number of the local "basement experts" a friend referred us to  A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair to do the work.  We are so thankful that we leveraged them to do the work.  They were fantastic to work with and the only ones who suggested doing the repairs the right way vs. slapping a bandage on it.

They proposed digging around the Florida Room foundation down below the footer, installing helical piers to stop the settling, using hydraulic jacks to push the walls back to being straight, filling the walls with steel rebar and concrete and installing drain tiles inside and out.  Before they could start the deck along the west wall had to come down in order to bring in the digging equipment.  Jeff and JD get after the deck demolition.


Once the deck was down the heavy equipment began to arrive and the walls were braced inside to ensure stability during the dig.


Next the digging began and the helical piers were driven down to bedrock (approximately 9 feet for each pier) and attached to the foundation.  We did find two surprises, footer cracks.  The A-1 folks quickly solved the problem by installing 6"x6" steel angle iron pieces to span the cracks and brace with the piers providing a long term stable solution.


Next the concrete and pumper trucks arrived to fill the walls with concrete.


As the concrete in the walls hardened work outside continued with the installation of the waterproof barrier and drain tile.


The final phase of repairs was installing the new sump pump and pouring a 3"-4" concrete cap over the gravel. Already it was looking like a new room and we hadn't even slapped any paint on it yet.


After getting the stucco repaired and new windows installed in the crawlspace Carrie and Jeff got busy with repairing the landscaping.

Then we went to work on rebuilding the deck.  New floor joists were installed and almost 3 tons of gravel was spread.


Finishing the job consisted of Jeff and Carrie painting the walls and floor.  Jeff installed a dual sump pump with battery backup.


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