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2003 Alaskan vacation   
2004 UK & France vacation   
2005 Baltic Sea vacation 
2006 Western Europe vacation 
2007 China and Japan vacation  
2008 Caribbean vacation    
2010 Australia and New Zealand vacation    
2011 California Adventure vacation  
2012 Poland Adventure vacation  
2013 Mediterranean vacation  
2015 Grand Canyon Adventure  
2016 Antarctica Vacation
2017 Hawaii Vacation 
Pictures of our backyard shed adventure 
Pictures from the 2004 Fest  
Pictures from the 2005 Fest  
Pictures from the 2008 Fest  
Pictures from Niagra Falls 2005
Pictures of Jersey "The Cat"  
Pictures from 2004 Packers/Bears game 
Pictures from 2005 Packers/Bears game 
Pictures from 2009 Packers games 
Pictures from 2011 Packers/Bears game
Jeff's Model Railroad 
Pictures from Hong Kong
Jeff's Computers 
The house gets new windows 

New house crawlspace repair 2018
Jeff and Carrie build a privacy fence 
London and Paris 2008  
Jeff and Carrie's Railfan Adventures   
Pictures from Mackinaw City 2009   
London and Paris 2010   
Kitchen Remodel 2010  
Pictures from Gatlinburg 2011  
2011 Sunny 95 Block Party