Pictures of Jersey "The Cat"

This website is dedicated to the adventures of Jersey, The Cat.  Like most cats, Jersey is an adventurous cat.  But his daily adventures do make him tired and you'll occasionally find him resting between adventures.   This website will continue to be updated as Jersey finds himself in new and exciting places. 

Here's Jersey


It's been awhile since Jersey has updated his website but his adventures continue.  He moved to a new home and met a number of new friends including one which looks just like him.   Updated 9/16/2015

Jersey celebrates Christmas in 2009.  Click here to see his Christmas.

Jersey had a number of new adventures in 2009.  Click here to see them

Jersey was busy in 2008 and finally had time to post some pictures  Click here to see many new pictures of Jersey in 2008, including Christmas.

Jersey celebrates Christmas in 2007. Click here to see his Christmas fun.

Jersey's 2006 Christmas pictures.  Click here to see him at Christmas time.

Jersey, while guarding the neighborhood, caught a bunny.  Click here to see the big game hunter at work.

Jersey recently celebrated his 4th birthday on August 31stClick here to see the festivities. 

Jersey was caught sleeping through the OSU and Cincinnati football game. Click here to see him napping. 

Jersey likes to hunt.  Click here to see Jersey's hunting adventures.     Updated 9/16/2015

Like most cats Jersey is curios.  Click here to see Jersey's playtime adventures

Recently Jersey has shown an interest in cars.  Here you see Jersey getting ready to take one for a spin and investigating another.

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Jersey, like most cats, enjoys a good meal but it's all in the presentation and ambience.

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But after a long day's adventure, Jersey retires to rest for his next day of excitement. 
Click here to see Jersey sleeping.



Check back often to see the latest adventures of Jersey The Cat.

Last updated 12/25/2009