Construction history of the Jersey Subdivision

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4/28/2013  The Jersey subdivision will be relocating to a newer and larger location.  Demolition has begun.  Reconstruction on the new Jersey Subdivision is planned to begin later this year.  The new Jersey Subdivision is expected to be almost 4X as large as the current version, will be designed for total automation control, have more vertical expanse and may be a multi-level layout.  Planning will begin later summer,  Watch for new track plans.

12/5/2009  The locomotive crew continues the sound decoder installations by installing a Digitrax Soundbug into a Kato SD80MAC and installing flashing ditch lights by gluing LEDs to shortened light pipes.  The shells are sent to the paint shop for two coats of clear sealer.

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7/17/2009 The locomotive crew continues the repainting and updating of the roster.  8979 comes out of the shop with fresh paint, a new sound system and many new details.

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5/8/2009 Another locomotive repaint comes out of the shop.

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3/26/2009 The locomotive crew completes a repaint of a Kato C40-9W to Norfolk Southern colors

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1/18/2009 A few new locomotives show up from other Class 1 railroads.  The electrical crew also adds pushbutton controls for the staging areas.

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8/24/2008 The electrical crew finishes building the control panel and installing the stationary controllers for the staging area.

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7/19/2008  Kato finally releases their new Maxi IV intermodal units and the locomotive crew immediately places them in service.

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6/14/2008 The electrical crew add DCC and sound to a P2K SD60.  Some weight material had to be removed to make room for the 15mm x 35mm speaker.  A Digitrax D165L0 decoder with a Soundbug chip was used.

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6/7/2008 The electrical crew finally comes back to work and completes building a new version of the high current decoder adapter to increase the current capacity of the lighting and electrical systems. See the decoder adapter page for more details.

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3/31/2008  A Trackmobile arrives. 

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2/24/2008 The track crew finally was able to continue work in the winter, bad weather and all.  Construction is in high gear on the under layout additional staging area.

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12/30/2007 Work continues on the freight terminal, water tower and landscaping.

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